About Buttercup

Buttercup Fields was established in 2004 by Jill Hules. Attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Jill earned her BFA in Visual Communications. Jill’s resume also includes her previous career as a manager at various in-house creative departments and agency work in the Minneapolis area.

The team of designers at Buttercup Fields work together as they approach projects that come in the studio. From their backgrounds and personal experiences, their goal is to design unique, interesting and beautiful sentiment in their work. Having found local growers, and area wholesalers, Jill is out and about selecting the best quality of materials for their designs.

Buttercup Fields design team are artists. Creating with a palate of colors that are vibrant to pastel. The textures and shapes are considered in each piece designed – flowing of flowers and greens that are accessorized with bits of color from vegetables, fruits, branches, ribbons, or unconventional materials. When you talk with Buttercup Fields about your order, you will find the best design that suites you. You can never go wrong with flowers, they are a perfect gift for any occasion.


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