Wedding Bouquets date back to…



A sea of beautiful blues. The color of the sky, a blue bird or a butterfly. The detailed bits of a grandmothers rosary. Personal elements that remind the bride of her family and ancestry.

Wedding bouquets date back to our Ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic periods who wore garlands of fragrant herbs and spices including dill, rosemary, myrtle and garlic. The thinking behind this mixture would ward of evil spirits. It also has been said that bathing was done yearly and using the fragrant herbs well, you know where Im going with it. AIMG_1131s advances were made in history, so were bouquets and replacing many of the herbs were done with fresh flowers.

At buttercup fields, our most popular bouquet is a hand tied bouquet. This is a bouquet that is artfully arranged with layering flower stems diagonally around a central point. We also incorporate this style into presentation bouquets (a bouquet that lays in your arms), round bouquets (where we use a holder with foam and place flowers equally around to form a half round – no hand tied techniques), nosegays (a few flowers and greens), and the traditional cascade (which flows downward like a waterfall).

When you come to Buttercup Fields to discuss bouquets. We request to see a picture of your wedding dress and bridesmaids dress, pictures of flowers and other bouquets that you like. At the end of our meeting we all have that understanding of what your wedding flowers will be. We have our share of herbs in many of our bouquets. The brides determine that. Our flowers are all purchased from local growers and wholesalers.


This red dress and red roses were a bride herself. Three different colors of roses to get a 3 dimensional effect



Vibrant colors of lime and pink. Fudji mums, orchids, peonies, bear grass. This bride had us put in a pin of her late grandmothers.


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