It’s Spring in Minnesota

I can hear the birds sing, the snow is melting, and this past Friday was the first day of spring. I have been getting orders from my clie2014-03-11 18.15.54nts saying “spring flowers please”. Anything bright and pretty! Just today when I delivered a bouquet of my favorite spring flowers, I could tell the receiver was delighted and excited at the same time. She was walking by and heard her name when I announced who the arrangement was for. She took the box as she was smiling, held tightly onto the box as she walked away gazing at the flowers. I certainly am ready to have these flowers and colors in my cooler. A few of my favorites are Lily, Hydrangea, Tulips, Gerbera, Stock, Bells of Ireland, Anemone, Ranunculus. Flowers that fill-in  space in the vase;  yellow or lime green button mums, wax flower and my favorite this time of year Boronia Heather. I always use a mixture of greens if it’s Salal, Pittosporum, Bonsi or seeded eucalyptus and I never tire of looped bear grass. Branches and Pussy willows are alw2014-03-24 13.58.05ays a nice addition. If you want something to last a couple of weeks right now you might want to consider Potted blubs and blooming plants. Consider Hyacinth or tulip pots or Kalacoe (which is hardy and comes in many colors), Azala or begonia. This is the season of renew. Little bits as I call them, could be a bird nest made out of angle hair, with or without almost real looking eggs, or even larger duck like eggs. Butterflies floating through the flowers in the vase and maybe a lady bug resting on a petal or on a stick with a bit of moss. Don’t forget the ribbon too. Ribbon with its variety of color and patterns can bring the whole look together. Enjoy your spring! IMG_2904


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