Outside Winter Arrangements

 IMG_0486Container gardens don’t need to stop when the weather turns cooler. It’s time to change out your containers for the winter. Materials start arriving in Minnesota the first part of November and are designed by the end of November. The short window of this is due to the weather, and the weather it isn’t forgiving. I have seen containers the second week of November to be frozen solid. The only solution is to pour hot water into these pots, and then chip away the dirt. IMG_0569 I start my season by looking at my clients containers   and where they will be positioned outside their home. You must take into consideration the facing of the sun and how protected the containers will be. This home  is protected from the wind and  sun. This client has tall containers. I start my design with curly willow, dogwood and birch branches (that I painted white.) The rest of the base consists of shortie tree tops. At this point the design is starting with cedar and pine boughs, making sure to flair out for the fullness. Adding into spaces left from the boughs are red eucalyptus, and red sedum. I like to add pepperberrys that drape at the bottom of the greens. To top off the design I included pomegranate branches. Notice how lovely the large pomegranate fruit nests into the front of the design. IMG_0344 I  adore the look of garland. It can be used in many ways. I like to buy garland in 25 foot lengths. I have purchased longer lengths, and I end up frustrated with unwinding and adjusting. The best type of garland I have found is the western cedar. IMG_0546It is a combination of greens and it’s really the most beautiful. Sometimes I end up adding extra materials to the garland once it’s hung. Ultimately  the garland and the pots need to have a common look, and the fuller, the most beautiful they are.                                             Pine garland

IMG_0580 2         IMG_0438



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