The Jewel tones of fall

Featured imageImg1320

The trees, bushes, shrubs, grasses… are all turning into the jewel colors of fall. This is an especially exciting time for designing flowers. I adore the pumpkin trees with the tiny pumpkins flowing off the stems. carving out gourds, squashes and pumpkins to use as a container to arrange in. The sunflowers bright and colorful with a mix of purples, reds and oranges. I have also introduced lime with these combinations and the look it spectacular.

I remember a few years back I was speaking at a garden club and I arranged a few flowers. As I talked I was showing some tricks to use with greens and then came the sunflowers. I told the attendees that if they picked the yellow petals off the sunflower they would have a beautiful chocolate center. I was amazed at the oooohhhhh that I heard. This group thought just the opposite – how could I take off petals. Then they realized that is was also another way to show a look.


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