About me…

cropped-cropped-img_1655_24.jpgWelcome to my blog about Buttercup Fields, a fresh floral design studio, founded in 2004. My name is Jill Hules and I am the owner.

After many years of wondering around floral shops and purchasing endless arrangements. I decided to take a class that was offered at a local floral wholesaler, and discover how the principles of design applied to flowers and learn about working with a different medium. After all, being a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and design, with a degree in visual communications, it seemed to make allot of sense to try this out. At the time, I was working in the creative industry as a Project Manager where I enjoyed multi-tasking, timeframes, immersed in problem solving and trouble shooting. I enjoyed my staff, and felt rewarded with my work, though I wasn’t designing. In the back of my mind I always wanted to try this dimensional art, with flowers, greens and natural materials. I have found that it’s the perfect match for myself and my skills.

IMG_0114I have always loved nature. As a child I spent much of my time walking in the woods with my dog, and I still do. Exploring and discovering, seeing, hearing and touching what was around me. The ground that held the acorns and twigs from a canopy of strong branches holding soft leaves. The deep green colored moss covering just the top of the dark earthly soil. Colors bright with a variety of hues that nothing could recreate with the changing of the seasons. The crunch from my boots, the scampering of animals heard breaking the silence of this wooded wonderland…

IMG_0881When I design an arrangement I think about the seasonal materials available, hue, color and texture. What is the intent for this arrangement? Is it a gift, a centerpiece for a table, a stage arrangement for a business event or bouquets to be held at a wedding? Each piece is designed for that particular look. Over the years I have found that many people bring to me their ideas and I translate that into their theme. Others are not as certain and look for suggestions.

IMG_0212Ultimately I am an artist, and my style dictates a look, the roots of a design. My arrangements use the freshest possible materials found in local wholesalers, growers and occasionally something I have found from my daily walks. Produce can appear, as well as something else that is unexpected as it is incorporated into a design to achieve the look and theme that was ordered.


Enjoy my blog, as I share my designs, thoughts, creative ideas, local haunts and whatever else inspires me.

Jill Hules


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